Hydraulic Lifter HL

  • Heavy type and Standard type available.
  • For Multipurpose use.
  • It can be loaded up to 1 ton by connecting to 3 hanger system.
  • Thanks to its hydraulic lift structure, it can easily discharge your big bag fertilizer into the machine.
  • It will also be your biggest help for other crane operations, will provide great savings with time and convenience.
  • Lifting Capacity: 1000 kg. both.
  • Lifting height: 450 cm Heavy type.
  • Lifting height: 400 cm Standard type.
Hydraulic Lifter HL
  Working Width (M) Capacity (kg)
Hydraulic Lifter-HL-1000 460 HL 1000
Hydraulic Lifter-HL-1200 580 HL 1200