Trailed Turbo Atomizer TA

  • Turbo sprayers are used for vineyards, orchards and gardens. 1000, 1600 and 2000 It. models are trailed type by PTO. Strengthened Fiberglas or Polyethylene depot options. Pump are operated by power take off from tractor conveys pressuring chemical liquid to nozzles on fan. Fan is also operated with power take off and it sends pressured air out. Pressured chemical liquid is sprayed by adjustable nozzles around the fan by air circulation and any kind of tree can be disinfected. Fans are operated by two speed transmission. With separator on the fan, the rotation of the impeller can be prevented. By setting the angle and direction or by changing the plaque the nozzle on the fan, spraying distance and amount can be adjusted. By setting the direction of the propeller fan, the airflow can be controlled. Using distributor valve on the regulator right, left or spraying is done in both directions. Turbo fan delivers an average shot distance.
  • Easily cleanable water fitler
  • Easily adjustable and usage
  • High efficiency
  • Clean water tank
  • Pressure regulation
  • Level indicator on the tank
Trailed Turbo Atomizer TA
Trailed Turbo Atomizer TA
Type TA 1000 TA 1600 TA 2000
Pump Model (I/min) 145 145 145
Control Panel By Matik By Matik By Matik
Noozle Type Brass Brass Brass
Noozle Piece 8+8 8+8 8+8
Width (cm) 158 170 179
Lenght (cm) 376 400 428
Height (cm) 130 140 150
Cool Diameter (cm) 92 92 92
Work Width(cm) 8-12 8-12 8-12
Required Power (BG) 60 60 60
Working Transfer (d/d) 540 540 540
Air Flow (m^3/h) 66000 66000 66000
Weight (kg) 516 550 576


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