Solid Manure Transport and Spreader Trailer CSM

  • Solid manure distribution trailer, with a volume of 4 cubic meters, allows loading up to 5 tons of fertilizer and throwing it into the field homogeneously.
  • Modeled to respond to the answers of small and medium-sized enterprises with a power requirement of 60 HP, the 5-ton manure trailers impress with their moderate capacity, durable structure and high performance.
  • Solid manure trailer is extremely practical to use with hydraulic conveyor control and hydraulic door control via joystick. Thanks to the suspension system in solid manure trailers, a more balanced and safe ride is provided.
  • In solid manure trailers, specially designed vertically placed throwers, together with the thrower blades attached to them, ensure that the manure is spread homogeneously on the field. At the same time, the specially designed transmission system that provides the transmission is designed to withstand high forces and to work without any problems for many years. The transport of the material is provided by special chains resistant to high tensile forces.
  • Production is available from 5 tons to 20 tons