Trailed Feed Mixer Vertical CMV

  • Vertical feed mixers are ideal machines for livestock enterprises up to 10-20 bovines. It mixes with optimum performance with specially designed spirals positioned vertically. The low power requirement, robustness and performance of the  feed mixer make it indispensable for dairy and fattening farms.
  • Thanks to the special alloy and specially designed blades in the vertical feed mixers, it ensures that the bales are shredded in a short time. It prepares ration in desired particle size with adjustable fixed blades and blades on the helix. It provides homogeneous mixing of coarse and concentrated feeds with its bucket without blind spots and vertical helix system, and it discharges without leaving any feed in it with a scraper blade.  feed mixers, which increase the productivity of the farm by obtaining the ideal ration in a short time, are user-friendly with their easy-to-use structure.
  • Vertical feed mixers have a long life and low power requirement thanks to augers mounted on long-lasting Italian gearboxes, transmission systems formed by R&D studies, metal body and base.
  • These machines, which prepare ideal mixtures in a short time and have a long life, are optionally offered with a loading device, side conveyor belt, programmed weighing system, electro-hydraulic control, self-hydraulic pump system, electric motor option.
Trailed Feed Mixer Vertical CMV
Trailed Feed Mixer Vertical CMV
Technical Details Units CMV3 CMV6
Volume m^3 3 6
Weight kg 1120 1700
Max. Loaded Weight kg 1000 1850
Scale System   Optional Optional
Scale System Sencor Number pcs 3 3
Helix Number pcs 1 1
Helix Circuit rpm/min 50 32
Blade Number of Helix pcs 4 5
Fixed Blade Number pcs 2 2
Power hp 21 kw/30 28 kw/50
Tyres dublex 10,75x15,3 11,5x15,3