Rotating Cultivator RC

  • An ideal machine for Rotating Cultivator : beet, maize, cotton, sunflower, tobacco, tomato, bean, soybean and vegetable. Sowed in their furrows does not make any poor subsoil and provides full struggle for the protection of humidity in soil and against weeds. With the units that move independent from each other, it keeps Hoeing depth constant even in the rough field conditions. At other Hoeing Implements penetration tip elements are affecting in the Soil by swivelling squeezing the Soil, and forming a hard layer at the ground of Soil, it could use at the cloudy and stony Soils. While it has a simple body it is impossible to be out of order, besides driving is ease and has not maintenance cost.
  • it provides 80% labour-saving
  • also provides saving for irrigation
  • it offers opportunity of multi-functional adjustments for each type of plant